Index of /etc/grub.d/

      Name                                                                             Last modified         Size  Description 
up Parent Directory 31-Aug-2017 00:40 - unknown 00_header 04-Aug-2017 01:32 12k unknown 00_tuned 12-Apr-2017 00:05 4k unknown 01_users 04-Aug-2017 01:32 4k unknown 10_linux 04-Aug-2017 01:32 12k unknown 20_linux_xen 04-Aug-2017 01:32 12k unknown 20_ppc_terminfo 04-Aug-2017 01:32 4k unknown 30_os-prober 04-Aug-2017 01:32 12k unknown 40_custom 04-Aug-2017 01:32 4k unknown 41_custom 04-Aug-2017 01:32 4k

All executable files in this directory are processed in shell expansion order.

  00_*: Reserved for 00_header.
  10_*: Native boot entries.
  20_*: Third party apps (e.g. memtest86+).

The number namespace in-between is configurable by system installer and/or
administrator.  For example, you can add an entry to boot another OS as
01_otheros, 11_otheros, etc, depending on the position you want it to occupy in
the menu; and then adjust the default setting via /etc/default/grub.
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